Sunnyside Environmental School Math Circle

What is it?

Math Circles are after-school "math clubs" that encourage enjoyment of math -- because math is fun! In each math circle, the students are guided (not lead) through the exploration of one or more concepts in math. There is no lecture, no tests, no grading. There is discussion and participation, optional homework, discovery and fun!

Who can join?

Right now it's for 2nd graders. Depending on the number and breadth of volunteers (and amount of available space), we may be able to expand this. In addition, we may have to limit the size of the math circle so that there aren't too many students for the number of volunteers. The goal is to have one guide per ten-to-fifteen students.

If you'd like to start a math circle for older (or younger) grades, or even one at another school, please contact me, and I'll do what I can to help.

How can I participate? (as a student)

Do the homework, come to the math circles and work together with your colleagues to learn about amazing things.

How can I participate? (and learn more as a parent / volunteer)

When will it start, how long will it run?

We're meeting Fridays at 3:00(ish) through 4:10(ish). We started in October, and are going through December, meeting all of Fridays that are school days. If it goes well (it seems to be), we'll look into doing another session in the Winter.

Who are you?

My name is Dylan McNamee. I'm a parent of a 2nd grader (Audra) in Rebecca's class. I think Sunnyside is an amazing school, and I appreciate that volunteerism like this is so appreciated and encouraged at SES. My wife, Heidi, and I will be coordinating this year's Math Circle. Heidi started a 1st and 2nd grade 4H Club last school year.

Count me in!

If you're interested in joining as a student, or volunteering as a parent, or have any questions, please send email to with
  • student's name
  • parent/guardian's name and contact information
  • grade and classroom
If you are interested in leading a non-second-grade math circle (even at another school), let me know -- I'm happy to help!